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                来源:http://www.jnajgc.com 时间:2021-12-06

                The wood anti-corrosion of the anti-corrosion wooden flower box is to put the wood into a closed pressure vessel after drying, degreasing and early mechanical processing, first extract most of the air outside the wood nucleus in a vacuum state, and then remove the wood preservative under a certain pressure and vacuum (preservatives must have the basic characteristics of broad-spectrum corrosion resistance, loss resistance, no impact on wood properties, no harm to humans and animals, good process performance, cost economy, etc.) It penetrates into the cell tissue of wood, and after a period of curing and stability, it can effectively react and combine the preservative with wood cellulose, hemicellulose and lignin, so as to achieve the purpose of anti loss and decomposition, so that the wood structure and tissue can resist the erosion of various harmful factors, and can be durable even in various harsh environments. It can be guaranteed for at least 20 years under normal use Right unchanged.
                The anti-corrosion wooden flower box adds a strong artistic smell to the cultural square, park and community with a natural and realistic performance. It changes the traditional single plant planting into multi plant integrated planting, and creates an elegant and atmospheric visual scene with an overall aesthetic feeling. It is salty indoors and outdoors. The shape is simple and beautiful, novel and generous. It can be designed in combination with local traditional culture to enhance affinity.
                Advantages of anti-corrosion wooden flower box:
                1. Strong woodiness;
                2. Durable, impact resistant, wear resistant, high density;
                3. Strong UV resistance and stable color;
                4. Waterproof / damp proof, termite proof;
                5. Easy installation and low cost;
                6. No paint, no glue, maintenance free;
                7. 100% environmental protection, saving forest resources;
                8. Barefoot, antiskid and crack proof;
                9. Strong temperature adaptability. It can be used safely from minus 40 degrees to above 60 degrees
                10. There are many styles. You should be able to feel it when you walk around the garden;
                11. The price is favorable, mainly because the processing is cheap;
                防腐木花箱用途: 用于公园、市政广场、街道、住宅小区、花园、屋顶花园、旅游景区、酒店、度假村、商业街等公共场所,也用于环绕悬挂在窗口外侧、阳台、屋顶、墙壁、护栏、立交桥、行道绿化带、行道花木的种植等。
                Purpose of anti-corrosion wooden flower box: it is used in public places such as parks, municipal squares, streets, residential quarters, gardens, roof gardens, scenic spots, hotels, resorts and commercial streets. It is also used to surround and hang on the outside of windows, balconies, roofs, walls, guardrails, overpasses, sidewalk green belts, sidewalk flowers and trees, etc.
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