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                来源:http://www.jnajgc.com 时间:2021-12-20

                Absolute dry state: when the free water and bound water in wood are completely removed, the state of wood is called absolute dry state. Fiber saturation state: the fiber saturation point is a critical state. Generally, the amount of free water has little effect on the physical properties of wood, while the content of bound water has a great effect on the physical and mechanical properties of wood.
                Raw wood state of preservative wood: the newly cut wood is in the raw wood state, and the cell cavity and cell wall contain water. The amount of free water changes with seasons, and the combined water is saturated.
                Air dry state: when the raw wood is naturally dried in the atmospheric environment, the water balance state is called air dry state. Generally speaking, the air dry moisture content in southern China is high, about 15% ~ 16%, while that in northern China is about 12% ~ 13%.
                High density, high strength, good nail holding force, clear texture, great decorative effect, prevent wood from rotting in the outdoor environment, resist the erosion of termites and other pests, and resist the erosion of fungi, It can prevent mildew and prevent the parasitism of aquatic (fresh water and sea water) parasites. It can be widely used in Waterscape molding products. It can be installed directly, and the maintenance is convenient for ACQ treatment. It is environment-friendly, can promote the growth of global forestry, is not easy to deform or crack, is economical, durable and beautiful.
                Why is the deformation and cracking of wood preservative wood related to moisture content.
                As a natural material, wood cracking is caused by various reasons such as different moisture content and wood rings, which is a normal phenomenon. As an anti-corrosion material, preservative aims to prevent corrosion, so that the wood can resist termite erosion, growth and decay of spore fungi, boarding of aquatic organisms and reproduction of other insects in the harsh outdoor environment, Effectively prolong the use time of wood in the natural environment.
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