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                来源:http://www.jnajgc.com 时间:2021-12-30

                There are usually two ways to build a wooden house on water: pontoon and pile driving.
                One is to imitate a boat, that is, to build a floating table on the water surface, and then build a cabin on it.
                Another is to drive the wooden pile or steel frame into the lake bottom, and then build a stable wooden house foundation on the lake surface, and then build a small wooden house on this channel. This kind of water cabin that directly drives the foundation into the bottom of the lake can enjoy the cool without being affected by too much water shaking.
                In general, these two methods have their own advantages. The specific choice of construction should also consider various factors such as foundation, environment (weather resistance), typhoon resistance (SEA), etc.
                For rivers and lakes with shallow water level, relatively gentle water flow and relatively stable water level, pile driving can be used for foundation. If the water level difference is large, such as sea, deep lake, etc., a pontoon shall be built on the water surface as the foundation by simulating a small boat. The wooden house can fluctuate with the water level or adopt the form of high pile position.
                1. First of all, compared with the natural disasters encountered on the ground, the wooden houses built on the water must be more. For example, the wind and light on the water are much stronger than those on the ground. Therefore, the materials selected when creating the wooden houses on the water are very important. Some processed building materials with high water resistance should be selected.
                2. Regular maintenance. In order to make the wooden house not easy to be damaged, some walls need to be painted and maintained regularly.
                3. The rear water wooden house also has certain requirements for the foundation, which needs to have a strong bearing capacity and is not easy to occur chemical reaction and external force erosion.