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                1. clean in time.
                Anticorrosive wood often falls into dust during use, so furniture needs to be cleaned regularly to keep the surface clean. When cleaning, choose pure cotton cloth, gently wipe the floating ash surface, and paint the furniture surface; Avoid wiping with alcohol, gasoline and other solvents, and use colorless furniture polishing wax to evenly smear it on the surface of the furniture to increase the luster of the furniture.
                2. reasonable placement.
                The placement of anticorrosive wood is a very important link. The ground must be flat, and furniture can be safely and stably placed on the ground; Because if the furniture swings for a long time, the force of each component is uneven, which will cause the fasteners to loosen and affect the service life of the furniture.
                3. avoid sun exposure.
                When placing anticorrosive wood, do not choose a place close to the window to avoid direct sunlight. If the anticorrosive wood furniture is often exposed to the sun, it may fade, crack, peel off and other phenomena, and the metal parts may oxidize, deteriorate and lose luster.
                4. moisture proof.
                Indoor humidity shall be kept at a relatively stable level. When using the humidifier, please be careful not to aim the spray at the wood. Water will rust the metal parts, rot the wood and open the glue part. Therefore, when wiping the furniture, do not wash it with water directly. Do not use a too wet cloth. It is better to wipe it gently with a wet cloth.
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