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                来源:http://www.jnajgc.com 时间:2021-12-16

                1. Look at the top of the antiseptic wood Pavilion. The top of the pavilion has a three-layer design. The inner layer is a layer of carbonized wood, the middle layer is a waterproof board, and the outer layer is carbonized wood tiles. Generally, glazed tiles are used. The tile groove has the function of drainage. The three-layer design is not easy to leak, so it can be safely placed outdoors. The lines of lights in the pavilion are laid before leaving the factory. There are slots in the four meter shaped beams on the top of the pavilion gourd, and there are wires in the top of the gourd.
                2. Look at the selection of antiseptic wood Pavilion. Most of the pavilions are made of cedar with clear grain. Cedar is known as "natural antiseptic wood in wood". In order to reduce the cost of inferior pavilions, loose miscellaneous wood is often used. After treatment, there is no difference on the surface. Therefore, customers should consult the promoters carefully when selecting.
                3. Look at the appearance of the antiseptic wood Pavilion. The pavilion has excellent workmanship and exquisite carving. Pure manual carving is not computer carving. Whether there is gap at the connection and inlay. There are no thorns in the places that can be touched by hands, such as columns, guardrails, tables and chairs.
                4. Look at the manufacturing process of anti-corrosion wood Pavilion. At present, the manufacturing processes of the pavilions sold on the market are different. Generally, the pavilions go through 39 processes such as drug soaking, high-temperature cooking, baking, anti-corrosion and carbonization, which are more natural, environmentally friendly and more suitable for families.
                5. Look at the style and size. The antiseptic wood Pavilion is roughly divided into four corners, six corners, octagons, double layers, three layers and special shapes. It is suggested that consumers should pay attention to the style in advance, measure the specific size, select the appropriate style, and lay the foundation, because the weight of the conventional Pavilion is generally more than 400 kg. Considering whether the long-term contact stress will lead to the deformation and subsidence of the ground and make the pavilion uneven.