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                来源:http://www.jnajgc.com 时间:2022-05-23

                Whether it is used as a resting place or as a point view to decorate the garden landscape, the antiseptic wood Pavilion is undoubtedly a good choice. With the classical sense of its wood materials, it is considered that with the antique architectural design, the antiseptic wood Pavilion can be built in the water, the top of the mountain, the streams, the foothills, the flat land and the forest land, and if the layout is reasonable, the panoramic view will live. The shape of antiseptic wood Pavilion is generally small, but it is very concentrated, and has a relatively independent architectural image. Whether it is mountains and stones, Waterscape, trees, or modern square and shade, the antiseptic wood Pavilion can be flexibly matched, and can play the role of baking clouds and holding the moon and adding flowers to the icing on the cake. Moreover, it can also bring people a comfortable experience. The needs of stopping for rest in tourism and leisure, or taking shelter from the rain, and overlooking the distant scenery can be met one by one. Therefore, it has its unique decoration needs and cultural benefits.
                1. Nature, environmental protection, (the wood becomes the original color, slightly green);
                2. Antiseptic wood is antiseptic, mildew proof, moth proof and termite proof;
                3. To improve the stability of wood, anticorrosive wood is more important for the protection of outdoor wooden structures;
                4. Anticorrosive wood is easy to paint and color, and can achieve beautiful effect according to the design requirements;
                5. It can meet various design requirements and is easy to make anticorrosive wood of various horticultural landscape products;
                6. The antiseptic wood Pavilion can be used in various outdoor climatic environments for more than 15-50 years.
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