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                来源:http://www.jnajgc.com 时间:2022-07-12

                It is easy to ignore whether the anticorrosive wood is solid or hollow when we buy wood. Even some customers don't know this, which will cause problems after using the wood for a period of time, so we have to replace it. So how do we make a judgment? The following anti-corrosion wood factory tutors you how to judge whether there is a hollow in the anti-corrosion wood.
                (1) First, check whether the color of the anticorrosive wood surface matches the normal wood color, and then knock it to judge the quality of the anticorrosive wood. The fillers of anticorrosive wood are generally divided into solid and partially solid. Solid fillers must be heavy, but the price is also very expensive, while some solid fillers are relatively light and relatively cheap.
                (2) We can check whether the product surface is pasted with a "sealing strip", which will be pasted by formal anti-corrosion wood production enterprises.
                (3) Spot check samples: it is difficult to nail solid products on the surface of anticorrosive wood samples. On the contrary, it is easy to nail hollow products.
                At present, some illegal businesses use some leftovers as fillers to increase weight, so they must carefully check when buying anticorrosive wood, so this is why they choose larger anticorrosive wood processors.
                The above is a detailed introduction about the antiseptic wood flowerpot in Jinan, Shandong Province. I hope it will help you If you have any questions, please contact us We will provide you with professional service hhttp://www.jnajgc.com