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                来源:http://www.jnajgc.com 时间:2020-12-16

                Jinan antiseptic wood was one of the common raw materials for making arbor in public leisure places at that time. The antiseptic wood arbor can not only offer a rest, but also be used as a scenic spot for people to watch. Delicate modeling, love of antique, to point the role of scenery, can enrich the landscape and add garden taste.
                In the selection of preservative wood materials, we will select relatively strong wood with a little fragrance, and then carbonize the wood through high temperature. The carbonized wood has the original dark brown color, less water content, stable raw materials, and is not easy to be attacked by organisms. The natural fragrance has advantages for the body. And will not use any industrial raw materials, such as paint, more environmentally friendly. You can find the master who makes the arbor. You can choose the wood by yourself. You can make your idea for comfort. Let him plan the model. After planning, you can construct on site!
                Wood preservative processing and treatment has the following characteristics:

                (1) Antiseptic, mildew proof, insect proof, moth proof, enhance the stability of the wood, adhere to the wood for a long time, extend the field service life.
                (2) It has high strength, strong impact toughness, medium adhesive property and strong nail holding force.
                (3) Natural beauty, environmental protection, comfortable, safe and strong.
                (4) Easy to manufacture, paint and color, can achieve the humanistic aspiration.
                (5) The smell is fragrant, the color is rich, can better display the natural beauty.
                (6) If the anticorrosion treatment is proper, it can be used for more than 30 years in harsh environment (field), which has obvious effect.