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                来源:http://www.jnajgc.com 时间:2021-01-06

                Before the appearance of preservative wood, wood was rarely used in outdoor landscape. Although wood has beautiful texture and appearance, wood is easy to rot and crack in outdoor environment for a long time, which eventually to landscape damage.
                Later, preservative wood began to appear, and gradually from industrial use into the civil field. Nowadays, antiseptic wood has been widely used in many fields, such as: antiseptic wood floor, antiseptic wood furniture, flower rack, fence, wooden bridge and even wooden structure house. Wood is widely used in many places, ranging from chopsticks and toothpicks to furniture and interior decoration materials. Wood is closely related to our life.
                Among all kinds of antiseptic wood products, wood landscape and furniture are closely related to our life. Antiseptic wood has the advantages of high durability, green and environmental protection. After special antiseptic treatment, it has the functions of antiseptic, termite and fungus. With the improvement of people's awareness of antiseptic wood, antiseptic wood is widely used in courtyard decoration, star club, garden landscape and major tourist attractions.
                Whether in the antique classical gardens or modern gardens, you can see the shadow of antiseptic wood. Some are on the towering hills, some are floating in the water like lotus leaves, and the mountain and water pavilions depend on each other, just like a vivid ink painting. Jinan antiseptic wood is also more and more widely used in courtyard decoration, whether it is a cool pavilion or a wooden villa built on the top of the mountain, let us bathe in the embrace of nature.
                Anticorrosive wood is easy to paint and color, according to the design requirements, to achieve beautiful effect. It can meet all kinds of design requirements, and is easy to make anticorrosive wood for all kinds of horticultural landscape products. Suitable for all kinds of environment, not easy to deform.