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                来源:http://www.jnajgc.com 时间:2021-01-13

                Moth is one of the main reasons to destroy the internal structure of preservative wood, which leads to the destruction of wood structure and the reduction of hardness. Therefore, we must put an end to the occurrence of moths. How can we make wood processing not be plagued by moths? Here are two prevention methods, hoping to help you.
                There are two ways to prevent borers
                A physical method: it can use smoking method, far infrared method, ray method, immersion method and high temperature method. The physical method is simple and convenient, and will not damage wood processing. But there are also shortcomings, physical method is not a long-term method, after treatment of wood, improper management, will also lead to the occurrence of borers.
                Two chemical methods: Although the effect of moth prevention is good, chemical drugs are toxic, so we must take protective measures before operation and wash hands after operation. There are many chemical methods, including fumigation, cooking, coating, impregnation and pressure injection.
                但现在随着科技的不断发展,一些无毒、长效防虫、防腐技术已经发展成熟了,我们可以尝试下面这种方法进行木材加工蛀虫。硼砂苯甲酸 亚硫酸氢钠(或硫代硫酸钠)配比依次为2:0.7:1,冷浸或煮沸竹材均可,建议不妨一试。
                But now, with the continuous development of science and technology, some non-toxic, long-term pest control, anti-corrosion technology has developed mature, we can try the following method for wood processing moth. The ratio of borax, benzoic acid and sodium bisulfite (or sodium thiosulfate) is 2:0.7:1, which can be used for cold soaking or boiling bamboo. It is suggested to have a try.