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                来源:http://www.jnajgc.com 时间:2021-01-27

                The reason why antiseptic wood has such a name, of course, is that it has undergone antiseptic treatment. In fact, there are many other treatment processes in the production process of Linyi antiseptic wood, and pressure treatment is an indispensable process.
                Generally, when most of the wood is exposed to the natural environment with certain humidity, temperature (10 ~ 33 ℃), oxygen content and food source (wood fiber), it will cause corrosion or be eaten.
                However, if the wood is subjected to chemical treatment such as pressure antisepsis, it can become colorless, odorless, easy to paint and dry, and not easy to corrode even if it is exposed to wind and rain or in contact with the ground or in high temperature areas.
                This shows that pressure treatment can fully extend the service life of wooden products and ensure the stability and long-term use of the structure. Because the methods of wood preservative treatment are not exactly the same, most of the wood can not be easily injected with chemical preservatives.
                If the characteristics of anti-corrosion wood need to be fully reflected when it is used, the methods described above can be used for pressure treatment to enhance the characteristics of anti-corrosion wood building materials and apply them in specific places to prevent any damage to anti-corrosion wood.