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                来源:http://www.jnajgc.com 时间:2021-10-19

                Nowadays, most of the antiseptic wood in Jinan has replaced the wood normally used. The antiseptic wood has fine technology and beautiful appearance, which gives people a warm feeling. The more important thing is that it can prevent decay for a long time. The antiseptic wood was loved by the masses at the beginning; However, in the production and processing of anti-corrosion wood, we also need to pay attention to relevant essentials such as cutting and impregnation; Now, Jinan anticorrosive wood is for everyone to briefly explain the key points to pay attention to in the production and processing of anticorrosive wood:
                1. There is no preservative treatment before all wood components.
                2. In granulation or wood cutting specification on the spot.
                3. With additional maintenance, fast and low-quality wood can be produced.
                4. Good wood preservatives can also be used for brushing or impregnation.
                Jinan antiseptic wood
                The reason why anticorrosive wood is famous is that it has a beautiful appearance and takes a long time to use. However, if we do not do any maintenance after buying relevant products, its service life will be affected. In fact, these maintenance works are not complicated, and it is more important to select the right agent. Let's briefly introduce the role of wood wax oil in the maintenance of Jining anti-corrosion wood.
                It is very normal for the color difference to occur in the customization of anti-corrosion wood. Because the anti-corrosion wood suppliers in Shandong will be impregnated with CCA or ACQ anti-corrosion agent, the chemical composition agent will make the wood surface green. Of course, the plate is also divided into core material and sapwood. The core material belongs to natural anti-corrosion, so most of the green wood is sapwood, The anti-corrosion treatment is mainly for sapwood, and the color difference of the plate will slowly subside due to long-term outdoor use.