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                来源:http://www.jnajgc.com 时间:2021-11-07

                SK-1 wood preservative, crack proof and vegetable agent.
                The main components are alkaloids and plant resins contained in plants, which can prevent the decay, moth eaten, cracking and brittle fracture of ancient wood structures.
                Product advantages:
                1、 不会出现结霜使表层的彩绘脱落
                1. There will be no frost and the color painting on the surface will fall off
                Due to the use of plants as raw materials, the product has compatibility with wood and will not have the problem of frosting and precipitation, while the existing copper chromium arsenic water agent is easy to precipitate white frost, causing the color paint on the surface to fall off;
                2、 处理后的木结构在潮湿的气候中不吸水膨胀;
                2. The treated wood structure does not absorb water and expand in humid climate;
                The product is insoluble in water and hydrophobic. The treated wood hardly absorbs water in humid climate and will not cause water absorption and expansion of wood;
                3、 增强木结构的强度,防止木材的开裂
                3. Enhance the strength of wood structure and prevent wood cracking
                The plant resin in the product can produce gluing between wood fibers, enhance the strength of wood and prevent wood cracking;
                4、 渗透性强,能逐渐渗入木结构内部
                4. It has strong permeability and can gradually penetrate into the wood structure
                Because the product comes from plants, it has affinity and compatibility with wood, has strong permeability to wood, and can gradually penetrate into the interior of wood;
                5、 具有缓释特性,能够长期有效
                5. It has slow-release characteristics and can be effective for a long time
                The coating and anti-oxidation properties of plant resin protect the anti-corrosion and anti moth components contained inside, and have slow-release characteristics. Therefore, the plant alkaloids contained inside can inhibit the growth of Trichoderma and kill termites, wasps and other insects for a long time;
                6、 对噬木昆虫有驱避作用
                6. It can repel wood eating insects
                It can repel wood eating insects such as termite, bark beetle, bark beetle, longicorn beetle, longicorn beetle, weevil and wasp, and prevent these pests from approaching the ancient wood structure;
                7、 绿色天然,环境友好
                7. Green, natural and environment-friendly
                The product is made of plant raw materials and has no harm to the environment, human and livestock. It is environment-friendly.
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