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                According to the records in the external history of Confucianism, there was once a copper Pavilion on Zhanyuan mountain in Zhongshan * * in Nanjing in the Ming Dynasty. Under it, you can burn a fire for heating, which is new and ingenious. There are few existing copper pavilions, such as the Golden Pavilion in Mount Tai, the Baoyun Pavilion in the summer palace, the Golden Hall in Mingfeng mountain in Kunming, and the copper Pavilion in Wutai Mountain. Strictly speaking, they can not be regarded as pavilions. They can only be regarded as Pavilion style buildings, but they are customarily called "copper Pavilions".
                The copper Pavilion is also made of imitation wood structure. Take Baoyun Pavilion as an example. It is 7.5 meters high and weighs 414000 kilograms. It is surrounded by water chestnut fans. Antithetical couplet as well as like as two peas, beams, Dou, arch, rafter, tile, treasure, and the inscribed tablets and couplets of Kowloon, it is a rare treasure in the world.
                Anticorrosive principle of anticorrosive wood Pavilion
                For example, soaking wood in water is to cut off the oxygen source of microorganisms; Drying wood by dry method is the water source to eliminate the survival of microorganisms; The anti-corrosion treatment of chemicals is mainly to cut off the source of nutrients. At present, wood anti-corrosion mainly uses the anti-corrosion effect of chemical preservatives.
                The anti-corrosion mechanism of preservatives is mainly in two aspects: mechanical isolation anti-corrosion and toxic anti-corrosion. Mechanical isolation and anti-corrosion, such as decorative coatings, protect the exposed surface of wood and prevent direct contact between wood and external environmental factors, so as to prevent microbial erosion. This method uses paint as wood preservative, but its anti-corrosion efficiency is very limited and can not reach the due anti-corrosion efficiency. Toxic antisepsis is to inhibit the growth of microorganisms by the toxicity of preservatives, or microorganisms are poisoned by the absorption of preservatives. The current preservatives mostly achieve the purpose of anti-corrosion by poisoning. Therefore, people pay more and more attention to the relationship between preservatives and human survival and ecological environment. Non toxic, one dose of multi effect chemical agents and biological control will be the development direction in the future.
                texture of material
                现在国内常见的防腐木主要有两种材质:俄罗斯樟子松和北欧赤松。俄罗斯樟子松材质防腐木主要是进口原木在国内做的防腐木处理,多为A药剂处理。北欧赤松材质防腐木是由国外做好防腐处理,进口到国内直接销售的防腐木材,现在均为ACQ药剂处理,且通常被成为“芬兰木”。由于国内防腐木早是由芬兰 [1]  进口过来的,人们习惯于把防腐木称为芬兰木,其实这是不对的,很容易让不懂防腐木的人误解。
                At present, there are two kinds of common antiseptic wood in China: Russian Scotch pine and Nordic red pine. Russian Scotch Pine anticorrosive wood is mainly treated with imported logs in China, mostly with agent a. Nordic red pine anti-corrosion wood is the anti-corrosion wood that has been well treated abroad and imported to China for direct sales. Now it is treated with ACQ agent and is usually called "Finnish wood". Since domestic anticorrosive wood was imported from Finland [1], people are used to calling anticorrosive wood Finnish wood. In fact, this is wrong, which is easy to be misunderstood by people who do not understand anticorrosive wood.
                The above wonderful content comes from the introduction and sharing of Shandong Jinan antiseptic wood flowerpot by Jinan Anji Environmental Protection Engineering Co., Ltd. please continue to pay attention to us for more content: http://www.jnajgc.com