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                The content of anti-corrosion quality inspection mainly includes two aspects: first, the absorption amount (dosage) of preservatives, which is calculated according to the absorption amount of preservatives per cubic meter or per square meter; oil preservatives are calculated according to the absorption amount of oil, oil-soluble or water-soluble preservatives according to the dry dosage; second, the penetration depth of the agent in the wood and the absorption amount or penetration uniformity of the inner layer.
                吸收量;按防腐药剂的性质(如毒性和持久性等)、树材种、用途以及处理方法来确定防腐木材的吸收量。木材对防腐药剂的吸收较可以按处理前后木材重量差值,或在处理前后药剂的用量(消耗量)来确定。吸收量的规定与木材尺寸大小有关,以建筑材为例,规定氛化钠防腐剂以4-5公斤/立方米,是以中型木料(断面8 x 18平方厘米,长度250-300理米,表面面积50平方厘米)为准,一般小型木料的吸收量高,而大型木料相对地要稍少一些,采用涂刷、喷射以及涂浆青的扩散法的吸药量,按每平方米用药量计算。
                Absorption amount; The absorption amount of preservative wood is determined according to the nature of preservative (such as toxicity and persistence), tree species, purpose and treatment method. The absorption of wood to preservative agents can be determined by the weight difference of wood before and after treatment, or the dosage (consumption) of agents before and after treatment. The amount of absorption is related to the size of wood. Taking building materials as an example, it is stipulated that the sodium alginate preservative is 4-5 kg / cubic meter, which is based on medium-sized wood (Section 8 x 18 square centimeters, length 250-300 meters, surface area 50 square centimeters). Generally, the absorption of small wood is high, while the absorption of large wood is relatively less. The absorption of sodium alginate preservative by brushing, spraying and spreading method of paste blue is adopted, It is calculated according to the dosage per square meter.
                The depth of penetration of preservatives from the wood surface to the interior is very important to the quality of Hefei preservative wood, especially the sapwood part requires penetration to a certain depth to ensure the quality of preservative, because sapwood is often potentially infected with fungi. Sapwood is usually required to be completely transparent.
                Penetration depth for dark oil preservatives, the depth and sapwood thickness can be measured directly from the wood section. Colorless or light colored preservatives can be treated with chemical chromogenic agents.
                The above is a detailed introduction about Jinan antiseptic wood, which I hope will be helpful to you If you have any questions, please contact us We will provide you with professional service http://www.jnajgc.com