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                来源:http://www.jnajgc.com 时间:2019-04-13

                How much do you understand about the cost of wooden houses?
                Wooden house analogy differs in price; in the future, the category of wooden house can be divided into light wood structure and heavy wood structure, and light wood structure because its wallboard is not actually made of wood, mostly made of gypsum board or other construction materials, but covered with a layer of wooden board inside the construction surface, people can see that its appearance is a wooden house, in fact, it is not. If it is such a wooden house, its cost will be absolutely cheaper, ordinary per square metre only requires two or three thousand, of course, it depends on what company you choose, I will not elaborate here.
                In fact, the real wooden house is not the light wooden house below, but should be built from logs, that is to say, heavy wooden structure, such a wooden house costs a lot more. But this kind of wooden house is more safe and healthy, its surface is very thick, and the environment inside the wooden house is very suitable for people's life.
                High-quality trees cast high-quality wooden houses; the secondary information for building wooden houses is wood, according to different grades, there are great differences in price. Among the timber used in wooden houses, Pinus sylvestris var. mongolica has been widely praised for its beautiful texture, tough texture, strong flexibility and compressive resistance. What is more valuable is that it has the characteristics of less oil, which are not achieved by other pine trees. After antiseptic treatment, Pinus sylvestris var. mongolica can effectively avoid the invasion of fungi, termites and microorganisms, effectively inhibit the change of moisture content of treated wood, increase the cracking level of wood, extend the lifespan of wood houses for 40 to 50 years, which is warmly sought after by the international wood house market, and the price is naturally higher than that of ordinary pine.
                Astronomical status affects the overall cost of wooden houses; astronomical status is the key factor affecting the price of wooden houses. Although the construction of wooden houses is not limited to terrain, but different astronomical status, the level of difficulty in construction is different. For example, the selection of alpine construction, only the foundation and bent can stop the device operation. If the astronomical position is absolutely special, it is necessary to stop laying in the air manually to ensure the smooth foundation of the wooden house. At the same time, some remote regional materials can not be indirectly transported to the construction site, need to stop the second handling, these external factors affect the cost of the wooden house.
                Different styles of wooden houses have different prices; different styles of wooden houses can also affect the cost of wooden houses, such as ancient beam-column wooden structures, which are different from the traditional wood-carved corrugated style. Because they are different from the traditional wood-carved corrugated stacked mortise and mortise structures, they mostly use large-span glued beams and metal joints, which require higher technical requirements, whether in later design or construction, compared with traditional wood-carved structures. Length cost will also add a lot.